The alternative, if the snow is to less for a Snow Groomer!



For nordic tracks, skating / diagonal / classic, for solpes, for skilift tracks, toboggan run, trails, ...
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A track-groomer for nordic / cross contry skiing.
You can made skating and classic / diagonal tracks.
The track-roller can also be use to make ski runs at small ski lifts, lift track, ski trails, other trails or tobbogan runs.
It can be use by less snow and also by much new snow.
The special, lightweight, moulded plastic roll have low roll resistance. At the special very strong plastic now snow will bonding.
With our Snow-Track-Roller you will reduce the fuel consumption from your snowmobile or snow-ATV.
The snow will precompress by the big roll (68 cm diameter) and smoothed by the finisher.
The width of the plastic-roll is 1,65 m, the finisher width is 2,0 m.
You can travel cross the slope, because the the finisher have two side guides.
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The angel of the finisher can be ground positioning.
By a handling winch you can lift the finisher continously, this will help to cross streets, drive reverse or to ride back fast.
A little lifting also can use by very much new snow (more than 50 cm).
The track-roller can demounted very fast. you must loose only some screws.
You can loose the shaft, the finisher and the roll, you will need lees amount of space in summer or at shipping.
The normal weight of the finisher is 60 kg, to upgrade the weight you can put 2 to 6 sandbags to the finisher.
The sandbags made of sun resitant plastic, the weight of one will be 15 to 20 kg.
You can also put the sandbags on the front of the frame, to get more pressure to the track of the snowmobile, this will help in steep area.
With the track-roller you will get 4 PC sandbags. More bags are cheap to buying and shipping.
The weight of the track-roller is 130 kg, without the sandbags.
It is made of hot zinc dipped steel, it is very robust.
We can made in short time individual type or width.


With 36 cutter knifes in a double layer the Renovator will open a strong snow cover.
The cutterbar is springloaded for safety release. The knifes can particular, simply replaced.
By a hand spindel drive, the deep of the renovator can be adjust.
The renovator can put very hight out of the snow, if you will have many new snow.

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Tracksetter for classic / diagonal skiing
Fast and simply to mount at the finisher, in a middle or side position.
Only a hand movement, to put down or to lift up the tracksetter.
With the handling winch of the finisher you will lift the tracksetter in both position.
Durable track molds of strong HDPE, with steel cutters in front of them.
With two sandbacks to load the tracksetter.
If you will use two tracksetters (double Track) you will need the Sidefinisher for the ski stick track.

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The sidefinisher will wide the track up to 0,6 meter and made a nice changeover.
Also ist is need for the ski stic track, if you use two tracksetter.
The sidefinisher is adjustable and can lift up by many snow.
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Electrical Function
The trackroller can be upgrade to electrical Winch which wireless handling.
The renovator can be upgrade with a electric spindle.

Technical Data / Prices (ex. Tax)

Track-Roller 2 m

Roll-Width 1,65 m
Finisher 2,0 m

(with sidefinisher 2,6 m)
Weight 130 kg, 60 kg only the finisher
Renovator 30 kg
Tracksetter 15 kg
Sandbag 15 - 20 kg
Upgrade with one or two tracksetter

Track-Roller 2 m
Side-Finishers 0,3 m
Tracksetter include the lift up

3190 Euro
250 Euro
990 Euro
790 Euro

Track-Roller 1,5 m

Roll-Width 1,25 m
Finisher 1,5 m

(with sidefinisher 2,1 m)
Weight 100 kg,
Tracksetter 15 kg
Sandbags 15 - 20 kg
Upgrade with only one tracksetter

We will made the small one only individual
for customers, pl make a request



Roll 1,15 m
Roll 1,65 m
Finisherrubber 0,25 x1 m NBR
Finisherrubber 0,25 x1,83 m TPU
Renovator knife
1 pair track moulds HDPE

150 Euro
300 Euro

250 Euro
12 Euro
190 Euro
2,50 Euro

Flyer for Download

Testing at your Track / Slope ?
Write a mail with your contactdata, we will contact you (only at the alps).

The images are done artifical Snow at 15°C, after 1200 people skiing over.
It was the worst case of snow, and we had forgot the side-finishers.
But we was happy to find any snow at the end of the saison 2010/2011, many thanks to Kanzelwandbahn Kleinwalsertal for using the snow.